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Kathrin Becker

Kathrin Becker

curator, author, art historian

Kathrin Becker is a Berlin based curator who decisively looked east from the beginning of her curatorial career. Having studied art history and Slavic languages in Bochum/Germany, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, she made her first experiences as a curator in the field of cultural exchange between Russia (and other East European countries) and the West. Soon she developed a critical attitude towards the tendency of functionalisation of Russian and East European art within the Western institutional practise as a method of the cultural foreign policy during the cold war.

From the late 1990s, Kathrin Becker developed an international curatorial profile and worked in the field of the interference of popular and high cultures as well as global visual languages. She realised a huge number of exhibitions and presentations internationally.

From 2001 she became head of the n.b.k. Video-Forum, a huge video archive in Berlin. At the same time, she became increasingly interested in contemporary art from the Mid East, also in respect to the particular function of art from that region as a tool within the "War against Terrror" and/or the "Reconciliation with Islam".

In 2009, she received a "research travel grant for German curators" from the Goethe-Institute in Munich and travelled to Iran, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

>>> www.k-becker.org